Barking honest performance strategies


We pay an expert attention to where your business is now and how to get it to where you want it to be.

Our core expertise is with effective marketing strategies, affiliate management, content marketing and SEO for gambling, crypto and e-commerce businesses.


We help to achieve your goals with our effective digital marketing strategies. Our marketing strategists develop the most effective marketing message, choose correct channels and target the right customers. allows you to avoid many costly mistakes and enables sustainable growth for your busienss.  

If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favourable


Our core expertise

We create effective marketing stretegies for your business 

We know how to develop performance strategies that build your brand, strengthen its positioning, so you can target the right customers and spend your markeitng budget wisely.

You will agree that spending marketing budget on a wrong audience and channel with a wrong message is a costly mistake.

Our strategies allow you to focus on the ideal customers for your business, deliver a targeted message and lock them up for your brand. This is sustainable growth your business needs!

We manage affiliate programs 

We know who is who in the affiliate space and can effectively recruit new affiliates and manage relationships. You can outsource your affiliate marketing to us for your peace of mind and additional revenue stream. 

Currently we are managing several programs for gambling and crypto-related clients, which allows us to find synergies and save time and money for your clients. These industries can get a healthy 30% share of profits from just an affiliate program that is managed effectively. It is a huge revenue stream for your business that you shouldn’t ignore. Contact us and we will help to start it from scratch, recruit affiliates and optimise performance.

PES agency  has got the up-to-date knowledge and expertise how to build lasting affiliate relationships that drive profits. 


We create content that educates and sells 

Our talented copywriters are masters in creating engaging content that is both useful and sells well.

Currently we are offering services in English, Ukrainian and Russian. Due to our location we are able to produce gambling,  lifestyle and e-commerce content that if price-effective without any compromise on quality. 

We offer SEO services

Quite naturally, content positively affects your organic rankings in search engines and we offer to go one step further and create a synergy between content marketing and SEO to grow your organic channel.  

Our SEO experts can perform an audit to find any errors that hinder your growth, but also create a plan how to consistently improve in traffic volumes for gambling, crypto and e-commerce verticals. 

Barking Honest Performance Strategies


Should you have specific business goals in mind, we are here to help with effective digital marketing strategies and tools how to achieve them

Digital Marketing Audit

You cannot get to your desired result if you do not know exactly where you are now. We assess your current situation and evaluate your opportunities.

Performance Marketing Strategy

We develop a big picture performance marketing strategy for gambling, crypto and e-commerce businesses.


We act as an affiliate marketing agency for a several gambling, crypto and e-commerce clients. We know how to make it work to help your business with a stable revenue stream.

Content Marketing & SEO

Our multi-lingual team is currently managing content marketing and SEO plans for various English, Russian and Ukrainian speaking audiences.

E-Commerce & Gambling

We know how to set-up, run and measure e-commerce businesses.

Simply because we have/had ones ourselves!

Ask us about our services & how Content Marketing and Affiliates can help your business

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Digital Marketing Audit

We offer an expert look, analysis, and recommendations on your digital marketing activities and efforts. Read more on our digital audit services and what’s included in the full package.

Consulting Services

We are experts in e-commerce, gambling, crypto, and startup digital marketing. We prefer not to work 9-5 in the office, but we know how to remotely work with businesses and marketing teams to achieve expected results.

Digital Marketing Strategy

We take your goals and where your business is now. We add the results of our digital audit. You get a very focused and effective digital marketing strategy. 
Our performance strategies very often include content marketing and SEO strategy recommendations. We have an unparalleled expertise in affiliate marketing and partnerships.
Read more about our digital marketing strategy approach.


We are a team of digital marketing experts scattered across the world in the UK, USA, Ukraine, Georgia and beyond.