Digital Marketing Strategy

We conduct an analysis of a current situation for our client with regards to digital marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy Checklist

Current situation 


SWOT, PEST, 5 Forces, industry specifics, competitor analysis 


USP and product benefits 


Current target market 




Current – where do we want to be? Metrics to measure. 


Marketing Strategy 


Targeting, Positioning and Branding. 


Define target market and customer personas. 


Define Online Value Proposition. 


Marketing Plan 


Product – product development, market development, market penetration or diversification? 


Price – feasibility of current price structure. 


Promotion – define all Push, Pull and Profile strategies


Profile: PR / Creative – brand interaction 


Push: Acquisition 






Media: display, programmatic (paid media)




Content Marketing (owned and earned media)




Pull: Retention 




People – in-house / agency personnel 


Process – standards 


Physical Evidence – in case of digital products or services 






Current situation questionnaire


Market analysis

  • Who is buying your product or service?
  • How, why and where are they buying what you’re selling?
  • What value are you providing?
  • How do you predict your industry will develop?
  • How are you planning to market in the future?

Marketing activity analysis

  • What marketing channels are you currently using?
  • How much are you spending on marketing?
  • What is your ROI from each of your marketing strategies?
  • Do you think you are communicating your USPs effectively?
  • Do you think you get much engagement with your audience?
  • Are there any marketing activities that you’d like to test?
  • What is working well for you?
  • What isn’t working well?

Competitor analysis

  • How does your product or service compare to that of your rivals?
  • How do your customers perceive your brand in relation to your competitors?
  • Are your competitors more successful than you? If so, why?
  • What are the strengths of your rivals?
  • What about weaknesses?
  • Are there any specific gaps in the market you can exploit?
  • How loyal is your target audience?

Goal analysis

  • What are your short-term business goals?
  • What are your long-term business goals?
  • Are your business goals achievable given the state of your market?
  • Are they achievable given your positioning?
  • Are the achievable given the level of your competition?
  • Can your marketing hit more relevant targets (what are they)?

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